Life as a Resident


Summer residents reside in private rooms in one of our campus cabins. Fall residents are housed in private rooms in one of the dormitory buildings (the Janie, Marshall or Burke Inn). Both summer and fall residents have shared bathroom and shower facilities. Individual bathrooms are not available. Residents are asked to bring linens suitable for twin size beds.



Continental breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily. Meal times are at 8 a.m., 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. If you miss a meal, snacks such as bread, peanut butter, jellies, fruits, and beverages are available 24 hours a day. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are served with each meal for those that request it. If you have dietary preferences or restrictions, please notify us at check in.



Whether you are flying, driving, or taking the train or bus to campus we can help direct you. Each year we set up a doodle page to help residents communicate about carpooling and ride share to campus. Many residents chose to travel together, especially those coming from Chicago. If you are flying, the nearest airport is the Gerald Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the past, residents have also flown into Chicago and then carpooled or taken the train to Saugatuck. Greyhound (bus), Indian Trails (bus) and Amtrak make daily stops in Holland, Michigan. If you have specific questions about getting to campus feel free to contact us.



Please bring all of the supplies you will need during your residency. The closest art supply store is Michael’s in Holland, Michigan (20 minutes away). There is a small hardware store in Saugatuck, about two miles down the road. If you need to ship yourself materials directly to campus, please do so no earlier than three weeks prior to your arrival. Be sure your name is on the address label. Painters, please plan to bring and use odorless turpentine or solvents only. If you have questions about supplies in the Saugatuck area please contact our office at / 1-800-318-3019.



We work hard to maintain a sanctuary for the artists that are in residence at Ox-Bow. Please respect others and your own time at Ox-Bow by following our guest policy. Residents may have visitors during the day only if the resident informs the Ox-Bow office in advance. We are not equipped to accommodate guests for meals. If you have an approved guest, please plan on dining at one of the wonderful restaurants in Saugatuck or Douglas. Also, please note that all approved guests must register in the main office upon their arrival. Absolutely no overnight guests allowed.



During the summer, the MFA and Arts Faculty Residencies are part of Ox-Bow’s bustling campus of over 100 people. Our core classes are in session, which bring students and faculty from all over the country. It is a busy time with events being held throughout the week from lectures by faculty & visiting artists to gallery shows, open studios and live auctions. It is a great time to work on projects and also be a part of a lively community of makers.

The Fall Residency is the only program happening on campus at that time which allows individuals or collaborative teams to work in a quiet setting and focus on making work. We also encourage residents to take advantage of the artist community through presentation of work, studio nights, small exhibition, installations & events.



Ox-Bow provides residents with a wonderful working environment as well as a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The campus is located on a lagoon directly next to Lake Michigan. There are canoes for use as well as a floating dock located in the center of the lagoon. Residents can access Lake Michigan by boat and a short walk over the dune. Our Crow’s Nest Trail is a 20-minute hike that leads you to the highest point on campus, overlooking the lagoon, dunes and lake. There is a volleyball court and two outdoor fire pits. Ox-Bow is only a short ferry ride away from the charming resort towns of Saugatuck and Douglas, which are home to many art galleries and specialty shops. Costume parties are a 100+ year old tradition at Ox-Bow, and we maintain these as part of our history.