Pre-College Program 

Ox-Bow’s Pre-College program is a one-week skill-building class designed for advanced high school juniors, seniors and recent graduates who are considering pursuing a degree in the visual arts. Students are given the opportunity to evaluate and strengthen their commitment to the study of art, receive college level instruction, and receive 1 college credit through The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Other Ox-Bow classes run concurrently with these courses, providing Pre-College students with a sense of community as they interact with other artists taking classes. To learn more about life on campus, visit our information page.

Summer 2019 Course

Expansions: Skill Building for Advanced High School Artists
Claire Arctander
1 week course || PAINTING 401 001 || 1 credit hour || June 30-July 6, 2019

This pre-college class will entail individual and collective explorations of foundational aspects of artmaking. Participants will establish a community in which they draw from observation, make found object sculptures, and devise site - specific installations to investigate our current surroundings. Students will engage in mark-making and sculptural and performative experiments to learn about ourselves, our values, and our location. Using materials, sites and content found in and around Ox-Bow’s campus, students will begin to develop an understanding of the reasons why art is made. By week’s end, students will decide upon a central question and present a group show of works responding to that theme. Students will gain technical skills in observational drawing, formal skills in organizing objects into coherent artworks, and conceptual skills in developing strong ideas behind their art-making practice. The students’ interests and priorities will help dictate the direction of the course and the resulting exhibition.


Pre-College Class Registration

All students must register for the class, regardless of whether you are submitting a scholarship application. Class registration is on a first come, first served basis. Registration is not an automated process; the registrar will email you to confirm your class enrollment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email.

We are grateful to our supporters:

The Marian and Tom Wendel Scholarship in support of the Pre-College Program