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Beyond Observation: Embodiment and Materiality in the Landscape

Beyond Observation: Embodiment and Materiality in the Landscape
Carris Adams
2 week course || PAINTING 656 001 || 3 credit hours || Lab Fee: $50

In Beyond Observation, students are invited to redefine their perceptions and interactions with the landscape through various approaches to observational painting. While gaining proficiency in the techniques and vocabulary of painting, students will develop new ways of representing the landscape outside notions of the “serene” and “pastoral” while considering moments of their body/mind in the space. Artists’ work and writings will be provided as inspiration for assignments such as Andreas Siqueland, Rodney McMillian, Josephine Halvorson, Lari Pittman, Emily Cheng. Students will be challenged to experiment with the material properties of paint, language, principles and elements of design to compose a painting that embodies an exchange between the maker and the surrounding world.



Carris Adams is a visual artist whose practice visually investigates markers  of domesticated space. Her conceptually multi-layered works seek to inform and position viewers to recognize their assumptions, recall an experience and perhaps note how societal markers materialize in the landscape. Adams received her BFA from the University of Texas at Austin (2013) and her MFA from the University of Chicago (2015). Adams' work has been exhibited at The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY; The Logan Center Exhibitions at The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Produce Model Gallery, Chicago, IL; Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery, Chicago,IL; and The Courtyard Gallery at The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

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