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Beginning Glass, Session II

Beginning Glass, Session II
GLASS 630 002 Deborah Adler
2 week course || 3 credit hours || Lab Fee: $300

This course offers hands-on glassblowing experience to the beginner. Participants learn a variety of techniques for manipulating molten “hot glass” into vessel or sculptural forms. Lectures, screenings, demonstrations, and critiques will augment studio instruction.


Deborah Adler   Black Bottles   glass 2018

Deborah Adler
Black Bottles

Deborah Adler’s career as a glassblower spans nearly two decades. Of that time, 15 years were spent in New York City working from the studios of UrbanGlass and GlassRoots. She has developed several bodies of work and exhibited them at SOFA Chicago and New York, nationally in numerous galleries, and craft shows. Deborah was also lead gaffer on teams fabricating work for prominent contemporary lighting designers. In 2015, Deborah left New York and relocated to Seattle, where she currently works as an artist assistant, while remaining focused on the design and production of her own work.