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Encaustic and Materiality in Contemporary Painting

Encaustic and Materiality in Contemporary Painting
Kristy Deetz
1 week course || PAINTING 654 001 || 1 credit hour || Lab Fee $100

This course will contextualize encaustics within contemporary painting and materiality. Students will experiment with warm wax, pigment, and collage on paper as a way to uncover new ideas through process and material. Encaustic painting techniques create a variety of rich surface textures that respond to continual reworking. Encaustic lends itself to images that are buried under or embedded within multiple layers of wax and meaning. Students will apply encaustic to paper surfaces with a variety of collage materials to learn a full range of additive and subtractive techniques including fusing, scraping, layering, scraffito, encaustic and oil painting combinations, stencils, block-outs, and image transfers. This course will cover topics such as the deconstruction of the language of painting, abstraction, political, ecological, science and technological advances, ephemeral/durational, and installation. Students will reference The Art of Encaustic Painting by Joanne Mattera and Encaustic Art by Lissa Rankin along with contemporary artists working in the medium, including Byron Kim, Kiki Smith, and Petah Coyne. In-progress critiques and lectures will uncover relationships between materiality and subject to create new ideas and meaning.


Kristy Deetz   Independence Day Cracking   Acrylic on Digital Pattern Printed on Silk  with Embroidery 36” x 36” x 1.5” 2018

Kristy Deetz
Independence Day Cracking
Acrylic on Digital Pattern Printed on Silk
with Embroidery
36” x 36” x 1.5”

Kristy Deetz is a Professor in the Art Discipline at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Her extensive exhibition record includes national and international venues.  She is co-curator of FABRICation that has traveled to art museums, university art galleries, and art centers since 2013. She frequently serves as a visiting artist and has led numerous painting/drawing workshops at venues including Haystack, Oxbow, Penland, and Arrowmont. UWGB awarded her the Founders Award for Excellence in Scholarship in 2011 and she received SECAC’s 2016 Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her paintings have been featured in Encaustic Art in the Twenty-First Century, Encaustic Art—The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax, and Full-Range Color Painting for the Beginner. Recently she served as Erasmus Visiting Lectureship at the University of Kassel, Germany, and completed a residency at The Burren College of Art in Ireland.