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Hard Lines: Drawing with Steel

Hard Lines: Drawing with Steel
Devin Balara
1 week course || SCULPT 663 001 || 1 credit hour || Lab Fee: $50

This hybrid sculpture and drawing course will focus on steel fabrication and the translation of line on paper to line in space. Students will learn to use steel as a drawing material with demonstrations in hot and cold bending, modular construction, welding, and finishing strategies. Technical demos and work time will accompany discussions about daily sketchbook practices and the ways in which literal weight can be given to simple doodles or cartoon graphics. This course is suitable for all levels of shop experience; students will quickly gain confidence with equipment and be encouraged to play and improvise independently with the material at as large a scale as they choose. Students are required to complete 3 assignments over the course of the week, one which will reinforce basic knowledge of linear steel fabrication and safety, and two further assignments, utilizing linear steel drawings at the scale of the student’s choosing. Ultimately, students may deploy work into a particular site or landscape and let their sketches stretch their legs.


Devin Balara    Oh Shoot You Guys   Enamel, Steel, Wood 8' x 8' x 6' 2017

Devin Balara
Oh Shoot You Guys
Enamel, Steel, Wood
8' x 8' x 6'

Devin Balara’s work pokes at the clumsy and absurd ways nature is deployed and consumed using sculptural illustrations inspired by bad omens, mirages, desert island logic, and the outdoors as both picturesque and unruly. Employing steel as a drawing material allows the imagery to freely distort and relate to surrounding space and objects, shifting perspective and narrative with each new line of sight.

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