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Metamorphosing Paper

Metamorphosing Paper
Andrea Peterson
1 week course || PAPER 605 001 || 1 credit hour || Lab Fee: $50

Metamorphosis is an entity’s transformation from its original structure into another form. In this one week course, we will develop an understanding of paper fiber, in tandem with surface modifications, to create works of art. We will be using pulps that can be highly pigmented or translucent to create effects only possible with paper fiber. Watermarking and other techniques will be explored to create the illusion of entirely new surfaces. The transformed papers will be soft, rigid, textured, stained, dyed, marbled, waxed, etc. Handmade papers are strong, durable and lightweight and can handle several alterations—allowing them to reference something entirely new.


Andrea Peterson   Fennel #4   cotton rag paper, ink 23 x 31” 2017

Andrea Peterson
Fennel #4
cotton rag paper, ink
23 x 31”

Andrea Peterson is an artist and educator. She lives and creates work in northwest Indiana at Hook Pottery Paper, a studio and gallery co-owned with her husband. She teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Andrea exhibits internationally, most recently at a paper arts exhibit Nature I Impression at the Municipal Gallery in Beer Sheva, Israel. She combines paper arts, printmaking and book arts to make works that address human relationship to the environment. She is a recipient of a 2016/17 Indiana Arts Council Grant.