Latinx Artist Visibility Award (LAVA)

We've teamed up with faculty members J. Soto and Anthony Romero to create the Latinx Artist Visibility Award (LAVA), a fully funded opportunity for Latinx students to experience Ox-Bow's renowned educational programs and historic artist community.

LAVA represents a bridge between Ox-Bow and the future of Latinx arts, a platform for social advancement, and an opportunity to demonstrate the power of art and nature to change lives.

Sophia Guadalupe Padgett Perez

2018 LAVA Scholarship Recipient

“Coming to Ox-Bow definitely influenced my practice in terms of my connections with the people around me and how I can learn from so many people in just daily interactions. In my class (Supermodel: Imagining Alternative Models and Practices) with Edra Soto we really developed an intimate experience where we took a lot of time to get to know each other and teach each other as well. I was able to create a workshop with my book making practice and it taught me a lot about community based art and how I can continue to foster a respectful and uplifting making experience for myself and for others. “

Rosana Ybarra

2017 LAVA Scholarship Recipient

"Ox-Bow helped me place myself in the context of other working contemporary artists. I took The Thinging Body with Danny Giles. This class helped me continue to bridge my object based practice and my performance based practice. It helped me conceptually think about the performative quality of objects themselves. 

Ox-Bow is immersive. It is particularly special to meet artists from all over the country and create connections. The 2-week period was different than any other educational experience I have had - it was dense, full of intellectual and physical rigor." 

Mina Nieto

2016 LAVA Scholarship Recipient

"Being at Ox-Bow encouraged me to take risks, follow new directions, open up and continue to find myself as a Latinx artist. Participating in this course, at this wonderful and surreal place was really formative for me and for the next steps I have been taking in my work."

Lynnette Miranda

2016 LAVA Scholarship Recipient

"The Latinx Artist Visibility Award helped me attend Ox-Bow without feeling the pressure of financial survival, which allowed me to have clarity and the mental capacity to engage in my work fully. But, like in most situations, I was one of a few people of color. Connectivity is critical for deepening the work of Latinx artists and arts practitioners."