In Memoriam

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In Memoriam
Betsy Rupprecht

How does a place become part of you; so much so that you carry it with you forever?

For Betsy Rupprecht, Ox-Bow was that place. She became a part of Ox-Bow when she arrived with her parents, Edgar and Isobel, from Paris in 1932 as an infant in arms. It was a familiar place to Rupprecht and MacKinnon from their earlier summers at Ox-Bow teaching and painting and Betsy spent her very early childhood with them at Ox-Bow, living in the Bogart. She grew up here, painted here, taught here, and served for many years as a Board member and even Board President.  

For 86 years Betsy was a part of this place, embracing Ox-Bow as a home and sanctuary and sharing it with many others who built the foundation of what Ox-Bow is today. Betsy was the quintessential steward, concerned about every tree and planting and structure; where it was placed, how it grew; considering as an artist would,  how everything affected the place and the experience of Ox-Bow.

At some point, she reminded all of us, anything we added or changed should be considered integral to an artistic viewpoint. Whether it was to become a scene to be painted, a site-specific sculpture or pure inspiration, the thought of preserving the magic of this place was foremost in her mind.

In a very real sense, Betsy was the soul and spirit of Ox-Bow and we shall miss her dearly.

Steve Meier

Board President

In Memoriam

For over 35 years, E.W. Ross worked tirelessly to expand the reach of art education at Ox-Bow and beyond. Ross served as Ox-Bow's Program Director, and most recently as a member of the Board. He founded the Pre-College Program for high school teens, as well as SAIC's Continuing Studies Program. 

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In Memoriam

Patty Birkholz, Emeritus Board Member of Ox-Bow was our constant champion and defender. Her gracious spirit and fiery conviction will be missed. Please join others in our community who have donated in her honor. Support will help continue the efforts she spearheaded to keep Ox-Bow protected for its participants and the local community in perpetuity.