kelly kaczynski


Kelly Kaczynski is an artist working within the language of sculpture. 

Selected exhibitions: Peregrineprogram, IL; Ortega y Gasset Projects, NY; Soap Factory, MN; Gahlberg Gallery, IL; threewalls, IL; Hyde Park Art Center, IL; University at Buffalo Art Gallery, NY; Triple Candie, NY; DeCordova Museum, MA; Boston Center for the Arts, MA. 

Curatorial projectsRoving Room, Habersham Mills, GA, ’14; Virtually Physically Speaking, Columbia College, IL, ’14; Mouthing (a sentient limb), Hyde Park Art Center, IL, ‘14. Grants: Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award ’15; Artadia, Chicago ’08; Visible Republic, Boston, ’00  Education: MFA Bard College, NY, ‘03; BA The Evergreen State College, WA, ‘95.

Kelly Kaczynski, twinning.jpg