Types of Financial Aid + Scholarships

Ox-Bow offers both merit scholarships and work scholarships to assist students attending a summer session course. Students are eligible to combine multiple types of awards.


Merit Scholarship

Application Deadline: February 20, 2020

Announcements will be made on Tuesday, March 12th.

All students (both for-credit and non-credit) interested in taking classes at Ox-Bow are encouraged to apply for a Merit Scholarship. Those who receive funding have the opportunity to pre-register for a course! This is a juried award based on image submissions and application questions. Applications will only be accepted online. Take a look at the scholarships offered this year. Only one application is required in order to apply for all of our scholarships.

Application Requirements:

You will be asked to provide the following materials to complete the online Submittable application: 

  1. Artist Statement (250 words) and Questions (250 words each): Describe your interest in attending Ox-Bow? What class are you interested in taking and how will this class inform your artistic investigation?

  2. Two references (We do not require letters of recommendations)

  3. Documentation of your work. You will need to submit 10-15 examples of your work. Each image should be labeled as follows: Lastname_01, Lastname_02 (no pdfs of art work, however jpeg, tiff, gif, mov, mp3, mp4, doc, and docx files accepted; try to save movie files as small as possible. Vimeo or youtube links are preferred).

  4. Image List: include the title of each work, media, dimensions and any other necessary information.

  5. Resume/CV

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please feel free to contact our office at (800) 318-3019.

Please note, if you apply for the fellowship program, your application will automatically be included in the Ox-Bow summer course merit scholarship review.  You do not need to fill out an additional application.

Work Scholarship

Work Scholarship students have the opportunity to experience Ox-Bow in a unique, behind-the-scenes way by working closely with resident staff to help keep campus running smoothly. The award covers the cost of room and board in exchange for working approximately 15 hours per week. Duties include housekeeping, building and grounds maintenance, and dish washing. Some jobs require missing minimal class time, though faculty do not schedule lectures or critiques during these times. If you cannot complete your assignment, please let the office staff know before arriving to campus.

Please note:

  • Work scholarship is available to for-credit students only

  • Students may work as many weeks as are available

  • Students enrolling in any glass course or the pre-college program are not able to sign up for work scholarship because of schedule and structure.

  • Students must stay until 2 pm on the Sunday after their course finishes to complete work assignments.


Sign-up begins Monday, March 23, 2020:

8:30 am Ox-Bow Office, Sullivan, Rm 1425

  • Work scholarships are awarded beginning on the first day of SAIC Summer Registration on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a limited number of work scholarship positions available. After March 18, any remaining work scholarship positions will be available to students applying online who have indicated their interest on the online registration form.

  • Students interested in work scholarships should line up no earlier than 7:30am.

  • Low residency students who do not live in Chicago and are unable to be present at work-scholarship sign-up can either send a proxy in their place or apply online at 1:00 pm.

Ox-Bow Scholarship

Ox-Bow offers need-based financial aid to qualified participants registering for any summer course for non-credit only. Financial aid is limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Submission before open registration begins on March 25, 2018 is strongly suggested. If you have any questions, please email ox-bow@saic.edu.

Six Credit Special

Take 6 credits at Ox-Bow this summer (two 3-credit courses, 4 weeks total). For undergraduate and graduate SAIC students, 6 credits at Ox-Bow will provide you:

  • 2 weeks of room & board free (a $1150 value)

  • eligibility to apply your SAIC Financial Aid

  • the opportunity to complete your 6 credits of SAIC off-campus study requirements in one amazing summer

SAIC Financial Aid

Undergraduate and graduate students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago may be able to use their financial aid award from SAIC toward a winter course at Ox-Bow. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for deadlines. Financial aid typically does not cover room & board and/or lab fees at Ox-Bow. Learn more about applying at the School's Office of Financial Aid, by calling (312) 629-6600, or by emailing saic.sfs@saic.edu.


  • If you drop a class, scholarships cannot be used to pay for drop fees.

  • If you are an SAIC student and taking an Ox-Bow class for credit, scholarships will be applied directly to your PeopleSoft account. It often takes several billing cycles before scholarships appear on your bill.

  • Ox-Bow scholarships awarded to non-credit students will be applied directly to your bill, and you will owe the balance at the time of registration.