The Fellowship Program
Funded by the LeRoy Neiman Foundation

Each summer, Ox-Bow welcomes twelve fellowship students from competitive art schools all over the nation the opportunity to focus on their work, meet with renowned artists, and grow as a member of this unique community. These students live on campus for 13 weeks (from May 26- August 24, 2019) where they participate in campus life as both staff members and as artists. By working closely with the artists on staff, fellows develop relationships with others who have also made artmaking their lives.

Fellowship students are either selected by Ox-Bow’s jury or their departments at one of eight partnering schools based on the merit of their work and on their commitment to making inspired and innovative art. During their stay at Ox-Bow, fellowship students are able to reinforce their commitments to artmaking, and benefit from the intense focus and access to professional artists.

Fellowship Student Opportunities:

  • Receive a private studio space

  • Weekly stipend

  • Room and board

  • Access to visiting artists for critiques

  • Opportunity to exhibit their work

  • Opportunity to audit one two-week course or two one-week courses


Fellowship Student Responsibilities:

Participate in campus life as staff

  • Fellows work alongside staff for 20 hours per week. (Fellows will be assigned to one of the following jobs: housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen, or office. For further information, please download this PDF).

  • Fellows will train and oversee the work- scholarship students.

Fellows are part of the summer staff and are expected to follow all codes of conduct and represent Ox-Bow in a positive manner.


Commitment to Artistic Practice

  • Fellows should spend no less than 20 hours a week in their studios.

  • Fellows should seek out as many one-on-one critiques as possible with the faculty, visiting artists, and peers.

Fellows are encouraged to share their work through slide lectures, open studios, and exhibitions.


Be an active community member

  • Fellows are encouraged to go to at least 15 slide lectures over the course of the summer.

  • Participate in fellowship group activities

  • Engage with students, faculty and artist-in residence

  • The fellowship program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for artists to be entirely focused on their artwork within the sanctuary of Ox-Bow. We encourage all students to take full advantage of the program.


Fellowship requirements:

Students  who:

  • are undergraduate upperclassmen in their junior/senior year or MFA students are eligible to apply

  • graduated December 2018 or later

  • are at least 21 years old at the start of the fellowship

  • can work in the United States or have a work visa

 are eligible to spend 13 summer weeks (May 31 - August 22, 2020) at Ox-Bow.



  • Cecilia Beaven, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  • Ali Bonfils, Pratt Institute      

  • CC Calloway, The University of Texas at Austin

  • Isabella Cilia, The University of Central Arkansas

  • Scout Dearth, Kansas City Art Institute         

  • Isabella DeMatteo, The Cooper Union

  • Lin Foust, Grand Valley State University

  • Juan Hurtado Salazar, Tyler School of Art

  • Travis Morehead, Rhode Island School of Design

  • Martha Poggioli, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  • Skye Volmar, Rhode Island School of Design

  • Natalie Wadlington, Cranbrook Academy of Art

Past Fellows