First Time faculty

For our first time faculty, we’ve put together a few helpful guidelines as you are preparing your syllabus. Ox-Bow classrooms are full of possibility, and we want to provide a space where you can experiment with techniques, concepts, and philosophies; however some of our studios do have limitations, so we want to make sure your ideas are feasible. We are happy to talk through ideas and answer questions you might have.


We have put together a Google Drive of past syllabi and included a sample format here. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the format.

inside painting studio.jpg


  • Our courses are open to students at all skill levels: you may have undergraduates, graduates, and students who have been attending Ox-Bow for the last 20 years.
  • Students taking courses for credit receive 1 credit for a one-week course and 3 credits for a two-week course. Course attendance is imperative for students to receive credit and we encourage a general attendance statement to be included in the syllabus.
  •  Every course will likely have students who are on work scholarships (except glass classes).
  • Work-Scholarship Students: We award 11 students a work-scholarship during the winter session. Work-scholarship students work fifteen hours per week as a part of the housekeeping, grounds, and maintenance, or kitchen staff.  These are important jobs, as we could not operate without these students. They are scheduled to work before and after class.  We ask for faculty members to be understanding if a work-scholarship student is a few minutes late to class after a shift. Specifically, kitchen work scholarship students will miss some class time after lunch, so please plan demonstrations, lectures, etc. accordingly. Please inform a member of the office staff if this becomes a problem.



  • See the daily schedule located in the Google Drive for an overview of the course times. Since there is a break for lunch, it often helps to divide the day up into morning and afternoon time periods.
  • Due to for-credit course contact hours, courses meet each weekend. You may decide how you would like to schedule that time. Many of our faculty have used the weekends as work days or individual meeting days.
  • Ox-Bow's general attendance policy is that students can miss no more that one class in a one-week course, and two classes in a two-week course.
  • It’s often helpful to front load the courses with content and allowing students ample work time later in their stay.
  • The last Friday of each class is often used for critique and studio clean up. All studios need to be clean before leaving campus.
  • Friday Night Open Studios: FNOS are a campus-wide event in which students, fellows, and MFA & Faculty Artists in Residence from the preceding week open their studios and display their work. Ox-Bow’s Friday Night Open Studios also feature studio demonstrations in our glass and metals studios. In the past, we have had natural dye demos, papermaking in the lagoon, installations and performances on the meadow.  If you have any demonstrations or activities you would like to plan for these evenings, we greatly encourage it! This year Friday Night Open Studios are from 7:00-10pm on June 15, June 29, July 13, July 27 and August 10.
  • Summer Benefit: This year’s annual summer benefit will take place Saturday, July 8th.  Each year our benefit raises much of our funds that keep Ox-Bow running throughout the year. This event shouldn’t interrupt studio use, but will take up a large space on the meadow.


  • Check out your studio space for a description and list of studio equipment:
  •  Most of our classroom spaces do not have wifi. Please take this into consideration when preparing presentations or screenings. We do have shared spaces that you can reserve for these purposes.
  • Ox-Bow Techs: Our Glass, Ceramics, Metals, and Print studios all have technicians. If your course takes place in one of these studios, you will be contacted by the technician in early May to request the supplies necessary for the course.