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  • Ox-Bow 3435 Rupprecht Way Saugatuck, MI, 49453 (map)

SCULPT 655 001, 2 weeks, 3 credit hours

This interdisciplinary studio/seminar, led by the collective HAIR CLUB, explores hair as a lens through which to examine a diverse array of contemporary issues, events and experiences. The first week will focus on hair as cultural content with lectures, readings, and discussions around how hair carries expressions of power into gender, politics, and consumerism. The second week will delve into hair as material subject in writing, fashion and visual culture. Through these generative discussions, students will create responses that can take any form of the students' choosing, as book or anthology, as object or garment, as narrative sequence in two dimension or as performance in space and time. HAIR CLUB is committed to outward facing-research and collaboration and will invite participation from the wider Ox-Bow hair community.

Suzanne Gold // HAIR CLUB, Clippers, this one (detail from ATG by Nathanael Jones), ink on paper, 2016

Suzanne Gold // HAIR CLUB, Clippers, this one (detail from ATG by Nathanael Jones), ink on paper, 2016

HAIR CLUB is an interdisciplinary, research-based art collective whose work is centered around the multivalent topic of HAIR in our wider culture. Co-founded by Suzanne Gold, Kelly Lloyd, and Michal Lynn Shumate, HAIR CLUB is a platform for discussion, dialogue, research, exhibition, and production that has received recognition from the Shapiro Center for Collaborative Research and from the Propeller Fund, a joint endeavor of Threewalls and Gallery 400 in Chicago. Suzanne Gold (MFA in Writing with additional practice in Fiber & Material Studies, SAIC) currently lives, works, writes, and makes books in Baltimore, MD. She runs the publishing arm of HAIR CLUB. Her work and writing can be found in published anthologies, traveling to art book fairs, and in solo exhibitions. She has several book projects coming out in 2017 with HAIR CLUB and a solo endeavor from Partial Press. Kelly Lloyd (MFA Painting & Drawing, MA Visual & Critical Studies, SAIC) is a visual artist currently living and teaching in Baltimore, MD. She has exhibited work and performed lectures nationally with upcoming solo exhibits at Shane Campbell Gallery and Corner Gallery. Michal Lynn Shumate (MA Visual & Critical Studies, SAIC) is a writer and researcher who draws from a background in dressmaking, theater production, and collections management. Her work often takes the form of performative lectures and investigates contemporary fashion and the spaces in which it happens: fashion exhibitions and runway shows, and more recently, domestic spaces and closets in particular.