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Landscape Record

Scott Wolniak

PAINTING 641 001
3 credit hours

Students will utilize the landscape as raw material for site-specific mark making; pulling visual recordings such as rubbings and castings directly from natural or found elements. Tree bark, rocks, and the forest floor, among other things, can be recorded onto paper, canvas and plaster through rubbing, staining and casting then transformed through formal investigations in the studio. Work will occur in situ and in studio. Aspects of material history, process and site-specificity will be further considered through selected readings, including “Seeing is Forgetting the Thing One Sees,” (Weschler), “Art as Experience,” (Dewey) and “Color: A Natural History of the Palette,” (Finlay).

Earlier Event: July 5
Multi-Level Glassblowing
Later Event: July 12
Glass Casting