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Waxing Poetic

  • Ox-Bow, School of Art and Artists' Residency Rupprecht Way MI, 49453 United States (map)

Kristy Deetz

PAINTING 644 001
1 credit hour

In this course students will experiment with warm wax, pigment, and collage on paper as a way to uncover new ideas through text(ures) and image combinations. Encaustic painting techniques create a variety of rich surface textures that respond to continual reworking. Encaustic lends itself to images that are buried under or imbedded within multiple layers of wax and meaning. Students will apply encaustic to paper surfaces with a variety of collage materials to learn a full range of additive and subtractive techniques including fusing, scraping, layering, scraffito, encaustic and oil painting combinations, stencils, block-outs, and image transfers. In-progress critiques will uncover the relationships between written text and visual text, and how image combinations can create new ideas and meaning.