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Expression in Glass

Arlo Fishman and Lancelot S. Fraser
GLASS 645 001
3 credit hours, 2 weeks
Lab Fee $300

This class focuses on contemporary and traditional hot glass working techniques. Class projects invite an exploration of what works, and why. Students will develop their own designs and integrate concepts of heating, cooling, and gravity with their existing bodies of work. Demonstrations include traditional vessel forms, a survey of freehand sculpting techniques, plus intentional deviation from standard practice. Personal expression and technical skill will play into the texture of optics achieved. The history of this challenging and demanding substance will help examine the dichotomy between glass as craft material and fine art medium.


- Arlo Fishman -

Arlo Fishman is an artist and educator in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work spans several disciplines, including glass sculpture, electronic kinetics, and music composition. Arlo is a second generation glass blower and neon bender. He is also a highly skilled art installer who has installed sculptural neon at museums and institutions including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Walker Art Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Presently a faculty member at the Crucible, Arlo aims to dazzle, educate, and inspire awe through expert technological integration in art.

  Arlo Fishman   Wall Sign; Neon , 2013 glass, (found and fabricated)

Arlo Fishman
Wall Sign; Neon, 2013
glass, (found and fabricated)

-Lancelot S. Fraser -

  Lancelot S. Fraser   Gesture Bottles - Small Steal Blue and Black Pair,  2017 blown and sculpted glass

Lancelot S. Fraser
Gesture Bottles - Small Steal Blue and Black Pair, 2017
blown and sculpted glass

Lancelot S. Fraser grew up in the small mountain community of Idyllwild, California. At a young age he learned the craft of pottery and decided that he was going to be an artist. Lance began working with glass at Palomar College and received his BFA form California College of the Arts. He has attended the Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Crafts, Eugene Glass School, Appalachian Center for Crafts, and has taught at Ox-Bow School of Art. Lancelot is currently working as the Glass Studio Manager at California College of the Arts and Glass Faculty at The Crucible.