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Sumi-e: East Asian Brush Painting

Qigu Jiang
Painting 639 001
1 credit hour, 1 week

This one-week course introduces the basics of the traditional Chinese and Japanese ink and brush stroke painting. Starting from learning tools and materials, the class concentrates on the basic skills and techniques that students could develop during the course. The philosophy of Zen behind the ink painting is introduced as well. In-class demonstrations are followed by painting, focusing on botanical subjects such as bamboo and other flowers. Birds and fish are introduced in late sessions. This course is especially appropriate for students interested in drawing and watercolor.


- Qigu Jiang -

Qigu Jiang is an ink painter, teaching painting and art history at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has also serveed as the director of The Research House for Asian Art since 2008. His exhibitions include the Rhode Island College; Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam; Duoyun Xuan Art Museum, Shanghai; Zhu Jizhan Art Museum; Yantai Art Museum; 99 Art Space Shanghai University Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm; Xuhui Art Museum; Qingdao Art Museum; Qing Zhuo Museum; Koehhnline Museum; Walsh Gallery; Jan Cicero Gallery; Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, FL; Osaka Triennial, Japan. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm; Rothschild Investment Corp.; Telchar System Inc.; Swiss Bank Corp.; Prentiss Properties Corp. Texas; Euredit Co. Italy; Duolun Museum of Modern Art.

  Qigu Jiang   Landscape #A28,  2015. ink on rice paper

Qigu Jiang
Landscape #A28, 2015.
ink on rice paper