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Questioning Landscape

Carris Adams
PAINTING 651 001
1 credit hour, 1 week

In Questioning Landscape students are invited to redefine their perceptions of the landscape through various approaches to observational painting. While gaining proficiency in the techniques and vocabulary of painting, students will develop new ways of representing
the landscape outside notions of the “serene” and “pastoral”. This class focuses on capturing everyday objects and visual culture found within the local landscape. Beginning with preparatory works on paper, we will move on to using acrylic or oil paints to realize finished pieces.In this class students will be challenged to experiment with the material properties of paint as well as the principles and elements of design. Students will be expected to contribute constructively to discussions about the work of their classmates. Additionally the instructor will provide theoretical and visual resources to inform students’ use of form and content.


- Carris Adams -

Carris Adams is a visual artist whose practice consists of drawings and paintings that reference signs and signifiers in the landscape pointing to systemic inequality and resilience. The conceptually multi-layered works seek to inform and position viewers to recognize their reactions concerning class and othered bodies.  Adams received her BFA from the University of Texas at Austin and her MFA from the University of Chicago.

  Carris Adams   MXMLK II,  2017 ink and acrylic enamel on wall

Carris Adams
MXMLK II, 2017
ink and acrylic enamel on wall