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Lighting: Fixtures, Flashlights & Reflectors

Chris Buchakjian
SCULPT 658 001
1 credit hour, 1 week
Lab Fee $50

This experimental course will highlight materials and technologies of lighting and light fixture design. Through hands-on demonstrations and practical exercises students will investigate the different qualities of light and its varied relationships to space, as well as its relationships to viewers. Students will employ these principles to develop original light fixtures and/or light installations. Students will gain knowledge and competency in the use of light as a generative material in their studio practice, as well as comprehension of the effects of light on our perception of space and form.


- Chris Buchakjian -

Chris Buchakjian was born and raised in upstate New York. His current studio practice is concerned with the relationship between Light, Thing-ness, and Monumentality. Chris trained as a motion picture lighting designer specializing in remote location filming. He has had the privilege of leading lighting crews into caves, tombs and tunnels on five continents. In that time he has been tasked with creating original light fixtures for feature films and documentary television series. For over 15 years he has been working with light-artists to facilitate the creation of large-scale lighting installations. He enjoys the challenges and technical complexities that are unique to this vocation. His visual art has been exhibited as part of the annual Autumn Lights show in Los Angeles, Activate/Chicago, and at the A to Z West in Joshua Tree, California. Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking from Hofstra University and a Master’s Degree in Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

  Chris Buchakjian   Clock No. 2 , 2012 fluorescent light boxes

Chris Buchakjian
Clock No. 2, 2012
fluorescent light boxes