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John O’Donnell
PRINT 601 001
1 credit hour, 1 week
Lab Fee $50

Students will be introduced to various methods used in making intaglio prints. Demonstrated techniques will include etching, drypoint, and aquatint, as well as a variety of experimental approaches to plate-making and printing. Discussion and critique of work will be included with equal emphasis on technique and concept.


- John O’Donnell -

John O’Donnell is an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at the University of Connecticut. He has been making prints for 21 years and his current printmaking and drawing practice investigates “Hollow Earth Theory” which is a fantastic idea that the earth is hollow and composed of multiple layers of different subterranean realties.  In addition to being a dedicated printmaker he is also a multidisciplinary artist and performer. He has exhibited his prints at the Print Center in Philadelphia, the International Print Center in New York and Seoul Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea. He has created performance and installation pieces for Blue House Arts, Dayton, OH; Glass Box Gallery, Seattle, WA; New Britain Museum of American Art; Museum of New Art in Detroit, MI; Proof Gallery in Boston, MA; FluxSpace in Philadelphia, PA; and SOHO20 Gallery in New York, NY.


  John O’Donnell   Hollow Earth: Morphology , 2017 etching

John O’Donnell
Hollow Earth: Morphology, 2017