Residency Overview

Ox-Bow’s residency program offers artists and writers, at various stages in their career, the time, space, and community to encourage growth and experimentation in their practice. The Arts Faculty and MFA residences are held during the summer while our core classes and community programs are in session. The small group of residents is a part of Ox-Bow’s artist community of students, faculty, and Visiting Artists. The Fall Artist and Writers' Residencies are held for five weeks in September and October. This larger group of artists enjoy a more intimate community. If you are a current Undergraduate or MFA student, we also offer a 13-week summer fellowship.

We furthered our commitment to the needs of artists by no longer charging fees for the residency program (including application, room & board, and residency fees). All accepted residents are fully funded. Artists may apply for additional stipends to help pay for the cost of travel, supplies, and time away from work.

Summer Arts Faculty Residency

Two-week residencies, June 3 - August 18, 2018

During the summer, Ox-Bow offers two-week residencies to five artists who are art faculty members at any grade level, in an adjunct or full-time capacity. This program is designed to give teaching visual artists the much-needed time to focus on their own work and also to connect with other faculty who are teaching at Ox-Bow. The residency provides:

  • Private Studio (raw studio space, classroom studios not available)
  • Private room (shared bathrooms and showers)
  • Meals (three meals a day)
  • Access to visiting artists and faculty for studio visits
  • Evening artist lectures
  • Opportunities to share work: slide presentations and/or readings

Summer MFA Residency

Three-week residencies, June 3 - August 18, 2018

The MFA Residency is a three-week program open to any current or recent MFA graduate student in a visual arts program. Recent grads must have graduated from an MFA program on or after December 2017. This program allows residents to take advantage of the summer community (faculty, visiting artists and students) while also having the space and time to focus on their practice. The residency provides:

  • Private Studio (raw studio space, classroom studios not available)
  • Private room (shared bathrooms and showers)
  • Meals (three meals a day)
  • Access to visiting artists and faculty for studio visits
  • Evening artist lectures
  • Opportunities to share work: slide presentations and/or readings

Fall Artist and Writers Residency

Two, three, and five week residencies, September 2 - October 6, 2018

Fall residents are given the time, solitude, and focus often unavailable to so many working artists and writers. Each fall between approximately 35 artists participate in the residency creating a diverse community of engaged peers. At Ox-Bow, artists can enjoy 24-hour access to their studios, and an inspirational setting, free from the expectations of commercial and academic demands. During the fall season, Artists in Residence have the opportunity to work in studios not available during the summer session. The fall is an ideal time for writers to apply as there are studios dedicated specifically to them. It’s also a great time to propose group or collaborative work. The residency provides:

  • Studio (access to ceramic, printmaking, and painting studios—if you would like access these facilities make sure this is clearly stated in your application)
  • Private room (shared bathrooms and showers)
  • Meals (three meals a day)
  • A diverse community of engaged artists
  • Opportunities to share work: slide presentations and/or readings.

International Artists

Ox-Bow’s residency programs are open to international artists. Please take the following into consideration before applying:

  • International artists are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas, as well as all necessary documentation for travel. 
  • International applicants are eligible for funding, but please note that any funding granted is restricted to travel and supplies.

Collaborative Residents

Artist may apply as a collaborative team to live and work on campus on a project of their design. Applicants will receive one shared studio space, as well as shared housing. 

Fall 2017 Resident Artists and Writers

Kunlin He                                                                   Manal Kara                                                           Frances Lightbound                                          Daniel Luedtke                                                      Leah Mackin                                                               Nick Mayer                                                                    Liz McCarthy                                                      Michael Milano                                                      Alina Perez                                                     Elizabeth Shores                                           Theresa Sterner                                                  Keijaun Thomas                                                 Geetha Thurairajah                                           Shanna Zentner


Rachel Castro                                                        Leigh Gallagher                                                      Rose Lambert-Sluder                                     Aleksy Tarasenko-Struc                                              Helen Betya Rubinstein


Wilder Alison                                                 Elizabeth Allen-Cannon                                                                              Keenan Bennett                                                     April Camlin                                                         Hoesy Corona                                                    Rafael Corzo                                                      Vanessa da Silva                                                     Sana Dar                                                                    Ariel Diaz                                                                  Tirtza Evan                                                           Carlos Flores                                                         Ryan Flores                                                  Alexandra Forsyth                                              Rachel Granofsky                                                Katya Grokhovsky                                          Jessica Harvey                                                Audrey Hope                                                    Jazzmen Johnson                                               Jova Johnson Vargas


Summer 2017 MFA + Arts Faculty Residents

MFA                                                                                    Cassandra Davis
Adam Liam Rose
Erica Wessman
Bahareh Khoshooee
Corinna Ray

Arts Faculty
Breanne Trammell
Tameka Norris
Helina Metaferia
Baptist Penetticobra
Sarah Tortora
Amanda Van Valkenburg                                       Tara Cooper + Terry O’Neill


Fall 2016 Resident Artists and Writers

Ox-Bow's Residency program is made possible through the generous support of: