The Ox-Bow Team


Rebecca Parker, Interim Co-Executive Director, Programs

Laura Eberstein, Director of Finance and Administration

Annie Fisher, Assistant Program Director

Danny Giles, Academic Director

Gabrielle Guerra, Marketing and Communications Coordinator                                      

Ciera Mckissick, Program Assistant

Meg Santisi, Development Associate


Integral to the Ox-Bow experience are the dedicated staff who help define the character of the organization. Ox-Bow has been largely artist run for the last 101 years, which infuses the main office, kitchen, maintenance, and housekeeping with a creative and playful sensibility. It takes a village to raise a village, below please find the names of our fantastic seasonal staff.

Kitchen Staff

Mikey Henderberg, Head Chef

Mac Akin, Chef

Erin Chapla, Chef

Nate Large, Chef

Mitchell Oliver, Chef/Gardening

Natalie Spicker, Chef



John Rossi, Facilities Manager

Aaron Cook, Operations Manager



Dulcee Boehm, Administrative Assistant

Brinslee Dykstra, Yoga and Wellness Coordinator

Ellyn Hurst, After-Hours Personnel



Ashley Pastore, Housekeeping Manager


Studio Managers

Devin Balara, Metals Studio Manager

Tim Belliveau, Glass Studio Manager

Abigail Grix, Ceramics Studio Manager

Aay Preston-Myint, Print and New Media Studio Manager