Ox-Bow Board of Directors

Ox-Bow's Board of Directors contributes their time, talents, and resources to ensure that future generations of artists will benefit from Ox-Bow's rich tradition and outstanding programming. We are grateful for their dedication and support.

David Geerts

Vice President
Peter C. Krupp

Janet R. Cunningham

Sam Wanner


David Balas

Tiffany Holmes

Maryjo Lemanski

Steven C. Meier

Walter Petersen

Kymberly Pinder

Dale Rainville

E.W. Ross

Elizabeth Rupprecht, President Emeritus

Louise Silberman

Elissa Tenny

Keith P. Walker

Todd E. Warnock, President Emeritus

Ox-Bow Emeritus Board

Ox-Bow’s Emeritus Board confers special honors and distinction upon former members of Ox-Bow’s Board of Directors and Auxiliary Board who have exhibited noteworthy dedication and commitment to Ox-Bow. This is a lifetime appointment that celebrates Ox-Bow’s important legacy.


David Balas, Chair

Roger Arbury

Patty Birkholz

Barbara Whitney Carr

Patricia Dewey

Arthur Frederick 

Lawrence Gammons

Margaret McDermott

Carol Sarosik

Ox-Bow Stewardship Committee

Ox-Bow’s Stewardship Committee links Ox-Bow to the vibrant Saugatuck/Douglas community, as well as neighboring West Michigan communities, including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland, and Muskegon. Members engage Ox-Bow with local residents and partners through events, programs, and general outreach. They are charged with educating the region about Ox-Bow’s resources, connecting individuals, families, and other organizations with meaningful opportunities on campus. The committee is responsible for maintaining open communication, goodwill, and strong relationships between Ox-Bow and the community in which it has thrived for over a century.


Julie Abel

James Brandess

John Cannarsa

Jacqueline Carey 

Annette Cress

Todd Knight

Maryjo Lemanski, Chair

Holly Leo

Nico Leo

Kathleen Markland

Walter Petersen, Vice-Chair

Greg Plowe

Michael Rippey

Kay Smalley

Tim Straker

Michael Tischleder