Make.A.GIF Campaign


Thank you!

Over the past month we welcomed over thirty new supporters into our fold with the #‎OxBowMakeAGIF‬ campaign.  Enjoy these looping (and loopy) pictures of and for our new donors made by Ox-Bow artists Eric Fleischauer, Mike Andrews, Annie Fisher, Mike Martinez and Jesse Malmed. 

Thanks to our amazing community of donors, our Residency Program is fully funded, including stipends, for the first time in our history! Ox-Bow is for artists, enthusiasts, and arts advocates, and we want to continue to create spaces and opportunities for everyone. We've got big plans, but we need your support. 

Our Make.A.GIF Contributors

Chris Martland
Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Brian McNearney
Sabina Ott
Jane Parker
Rebecca Parker
Willie Parker
Lane Relyea
Chris Renton
Mike Rossi
Mary Susan Sabol
Michael Tischleder
Veleta Vancza
Aaron With
Jimmy Wright

Julie Abel
Cortney Ahern
Tegan Brace
Blair Bogin
Kate Bowen
Ali Breen
Jacqueline Carey
Kathy Detrano
Annie Fisher
Sean Goheen
Tess Haratonik
Cynthia Herrera
Tiffany Holmes
Susan Jeffries
Jessica Labatte
J.R. Magsaysay Stanley


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