Winter Courses in Ceramics



636 CERAMICS 3 credit hours
Instructor: Anna Mayer Ruby Neri
$175 Studio & Lab Fee

This course explores the connection between ceramics and ritual, ceremony, and embodied engagement. Students learn and refine hand-building techniques, including pinching, coiling, slab construction, using press molds, and modeling. The class will begin with a series of directed exercises designed to get students fluent in the above techniques. Some of the exercises will address different methods for vessel construction, while others will encourage using clay more spontaneously and haptically. As we acquire more technical fluency, we’ll look at how ceramics has been used throughout history to facilitate ritual in settings from the domestic to the alchemical. The latter half of the class will be given over to student-initiated projects that combine craft with concept. To this end students will be asked to produce both finely-crafted, invested objects as well as more provisional, prop based pieces. This class covers hand-building basics as well as gives advanced students the opportunity to expand their practice. Artists with an interest in ceramics, sculpture, performance, and social practice are strongly encouraged to register.

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