Can anyone take Ox-Bow classes?
Yes, so long as you are 18 and older, you are welcome to register for our core classes (Art on the Meadow workshops are available for teens and children). You can take the core courses for non-credit or credit through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I am a beginner or have little experience. Can I take a course?
Yes. Unless a course specifically says in the description that it requires previous experience, the course is multi-level. For glassblowing, all beginners or those with very little experience must start with our beginning course.

How much does it cost to take a class?
Tuition and room and board information can be found here .

Do you have any scholarships available?
Yes, we do! All of our summer merit scholarship applications are due February 22. Information on applying for these funding opportunities can be found here . Additionally, if you scroll down on this page you will see what is required to be submitted with your scholarship application. Ox-Bow also offers a limited number of work scholarships that are available at registration on a first-come first-served basis. The pre-college scholarship has a rolling deadline. If you are a full-time SAIC student, you may qualify for federal aid.

If I take a class for credit, will the credit transfer to my current institution?
Credit for Ox-Bow classes is awarded by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You will have to speak with a academic advisor at your current institution to find out if they accept credit from SAIC.

I am taking a class for credit, but I am not a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. How do I pay for my course?
Since you are taking the course for credit, you actually pay SAIC, not Ox-Bow. There are two payment options. You can either pay by check made out to SAIC and sent to their bursars' office (37 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603) or use their credit card system CASHnet. More information about CASHnet can be found here.

The class I want is filled, is there a wait list?
All classes have wait lists if they are filled. Email your name and phone number and the class name to If someone in the class drops out, we will give you a call the second it happens to see if you were still interested in the course.

I know the class I want is filled, but can’t I just squeeze in?
Unfortunately, no. If a class is filled, it is because the studio space just can’t comfortably accommodate even one more person.

If I am on the waitlist, how likely is it that I will get into the class?
We recommend signing up for your plan b course if you are on the waitlist for your plan a (there is no fee for swapping classes!). While emergencies do happen and students sometimes need to drop, it is tough to say if a spot will open up in any particular class.

Something came up and I need to drop the course I signed up for, what do I do?
Please review our refund policy and fees. Please note, there are no fees for swapping courses as long as the swap happens within three weeks of the start of the original course.

I hear it’s hard to get into a class or that classes fill up on the first day or registration. Is that true?
Every year, there seems to be a class or two that fills up within the first few hours of registration and it is always a surprise as to which class it is! But for the most part, space remains available in Ox-Bow classes after the first day of registration. However, work study positions do tend to fill up in that very first day of SAIC advanced registration. We recommend consulting the registration dates to see when you are eligible to register and doing so as soon as you can.

Hey, my question isn’t frequent enough to be on here!?
We’ll still be more than happy to answer it! Just email us at


What are you looking for in a fellowship student/scholarship student/resident? 
It's tough to say what we look for because the applicant pool changes from year to year. Generally speaking, the materials that are most important are 
  • a strong portfolio of images and/or documentation, 
  • an informative essay, as well as, 
  • a positive letter of recommendation (if required). 
The jury looks at all of these when making its decision, but of course first looks at the strength of the work, keeping in mind how the applicant will contribute to or benefit from our community. Make sure you read about each program you are applying to and make sure you are eligible and that it is right for you.

Am I eligible for the degree seeking student scholarships?
These are available only to currently enrolled students. You must be enrolled in the spring semester of the application year. Students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago must at least be enrolled in fall semester of the previous year.

Am I eligible for the fellowship program?
These are available to currently enrolled students, and recent graduates (must have graduated on or after December of the previous calendar year, i.e. for Summer 2013, December 2012 is the earliest you may have graduated) However, priority will be given to currently enrolled students, 21 years or older.

What scholarships do I qualify for?
Check out this page for detailed qualifications for each scholarship.

What is required for the scholarship application?

Please have all of the following information ready when you begin the application form, only online applications will be considered. The Online merit application can be found here. Use the link to apply, do not email information directly to Ox-Bow. 

Completed application form. Unofficial transcript (not required if applying for non-degreed seeking student scholarships, or for SAIC students).
1-2 page essay addressing the following:
-Briefly describe your practice.
-Why do you want to be at Ox-Bow this summer?
-If from West Michigan, describe your involvement in supporting the arts in your community.
At least one or more of the following based on what best represents your work:
- 10-15 images (no powerpoints, or PDFs).
- 5-10 minutes of video work(s) or video documentation of work. —while this is not preferred, you may include a web address for links to audio or video work: however, please keep the time limits in mind.
- 5-10 minutes of audio work(s).
- Up to 30 pages of writing(s).
Letter of recommendation (preferred, not required, can also be emailed directly to Image list or work inventory. Please list each image/file, title of the work, media, dimensions and any other necessary information.
List of top three choices of Ox-Bow courses. Resume or C.V.

Are degree seeking students eligible for the residency program? 

With the exception of MFA residencies in the summer, students are not eligible for the residency. MFA students interested for the summer can find out more information here.

My collaborator and I would like to apply for the residency. Should we apply together or separately?
If you are collaborating on your current work that you would like to continue at Ox-Bow, we encourage you to apply together. If you would like to work on separate projects, you must apply separately.

I received a residency last year, can I apply again this year?
Priority is given to applicants that did not receive a residency the year prior. Because of the amount of applications we receive and our limited residency space, we recommend applying next year.

Can international students/artists apply?
Of course!

Who should the letter of recommendation be written to? Can I send more than one?
The Ox-Bow Scholarship or Fellowship Committee will work just fine. One letter of recommendation is required for fellowship applications and preferred for scholarship applications, but you can send as many as you’d like (within reason!).

Can I have my recommender send their letter directly to you?
Sure can. Mail or email ( works for us. Whatever will get it here before the deadline! If the recommender is emailing, please have them put your name (no nicknames please) in the subject line and attach the letter as a .doc or .pdf file.

I see you have an online application. Can I still apply by regular mail?
Only applications for the Robert and Genevieve Johnson scholarship will be accepted by regular mail. Due to the volume of applications we receive all other scholarship applications must be submitted online. 

I applied! How and when will I hear back?
All applicants are notified either way by the email address on their application form. For fellowships and most scholarships, you will be notified prior to March registration. Applicants for the residencies are usually notified within 4-5 weeks of the deadline.

Will you verify that you received my application materials?
When you apply online, you will receive an automatic verification. However, if you apply by mail, we don’t send confirmations out automatically, but you can request a confirmation at

How many applications do you typically get?
The number fluctuates a bit from year to year, but the programs are competitive.

I didn’t get accepted. Can I get some feedback?
We have a closed jury process and are unable to share any specific comments. Its always a tough decision for the few spots we have available. We really wish we could support more artists and hope that somehow, someway you are able to join us in the future.

Hey, my question isn’t frequent enough to be on here!?
We’ll still be more than happy to answer it! Just email us at .