An Ox-Bow Journal

July, 2013
By Jason Foumberg

First Sunset
We sit on the dock, and wonder if we will be able to read all of the books we brought. Can we attempt to not spend money the entire week? Which residencies have you been to? What do you do back in the real...

A Portrait of Ox-Bow

By Abigail Satinsky and Anthony Romero

Gertrude Stein, eminent writer and great patron collector of the Modernist painters (along with her brother Leo Stein) in Paris in the early 1900s, suddenly got famous after the publication of The...

Open Courses as of May 15, 2013

We've been getting calls and visits asking what courses are still available. As of today, here are the courses still open.  There are very limited spaces available; some courses may only have ONE space left, so sign up soon!



Ox-Bow summer 2012

This summer was busier than most, which was great for campus life, but terrible for keeping up with blog posts!

Luckily, Shanna Shearer, Ox-Bow's campus coordinator wrote an incredible day in the life at Ox-Bow for our annual board meeting at the...

Jesse Harrod, Ox-Bow Winter

Win 4I can't complain about winter in Chicago this year, I have been pretty happy about the lack of snow and freezing temperatures – and I am fairly certain it’s safe to vocalize that now. I realize that the only real winter weather I have had to...

On the Mystery of Here

Sonja Dahl
Jovencio de la Paz
Stacy Jo Scott

Cmc15Ox-Bow, like the Bauhaus Schools, like Black Mountain College, like many schools of art and craft nestled throughout North America's countryside, has presented an idyllic, monastic haven for...

Wooded Dispatch, by Sam Davis

Davis3I am at the desk in my studio, in a building called the Convent, listening to the sounds of water trickle down through trees. Today it is raining and birds of varied voice call out, presumably, to each other. Yesterday, I lay on the floating dock...