Poetry Is Everywhere at Ox-Bow

Instructor: Jack Ridl, Ages 13 and up, $150

What better place than Ox-Bow to get away from your To Do lists that keep you from what you keep hoping to dosome writing!  Ox-Bow has just what you need: a quiet, pastoral setting filled with fellow artists all going about doing what they love and knowing that everyone else is also.  In this workshop, there will be no work that is mere labor.  This is work that children know as work, only it's been labeled play.  This is the work that brings you to the place where you get to be you, just you accompanied by all that really matters to you.  Off we'll go to do some writing, maybe on the porch on a collapsing sofa, maybe on the dock, or under a trellis or treesomewhere that feels just right to you.  And we'll do some useful chattering about writing.  And if I can be of any assistance, well, that's why I'll be there.  Then for the last part of each morning we'll have our own little reading, celebrating each piece be it finished, flawed, a mess, started, a draft, or a ninth draft.  You don't have to read aloud.  But then again, you will want to because everyone will want you to and none of us is going to worry if we're good at this or not.  Who cares?!  What's important is what happens for YOU!  And us, too.