Still Life and the Unexplainable

Instructor: Dawn Stafford, Ages 13 and up, $180, all paints included, Additional short list of supplies will be provided

One of my favorite questions in life and in painting is: What if? So I jump in, and start making marks.  At first I feel brave and optimistic, some time later in the midst of great fun my brain begins to analyze, so I gently derail it, and that’s when the unexplainable happens.  From early classical examples to the most contemporary departures, the genre of still life is the perfect starting point for exploring color, form, and illusion. In this oil painting workshop we will explore “how to approach the still life”, and “what to do when we arrive”!  Drawing skills are always extremely helpful, but not required. A pre-selected palette of pure-pigment oil paints is included in the price of the class.  All skill levels welcome.